Soft, delightful, and available in a large selection of colors, designs, and textures, carpet is a perfect choice for many homes.


The Comfort and Style of Carpet

Carpet makes your house feel like home thanks to its style, warmth, and comfort. That's why it's the perfect choice in many rooms - especially in living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. Carpet is available in a large selection of colors, patterns, textures, and performance ratings so you are sure to find a product that matches your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget needs. We carry a variety of carpet products and will help you determine the one that's best for you. We want to help you find the best quality carpet in Jackson at the best price.

Why choose carpet?

Ultimately, the type of flooring you decide on depends on your style and lifestyle, as well as your performance needs.

There are many benefits to carpet.

  • Carpet adds a level of softness and comfort not found with other flooring.
  • Carpet is versatile and available in a large selection of colors, patterns, designs, and styles.
  • Carpet is quieter than other flooring types.
  • Carpet is fairly low-maintenance and comes in kid-friendly and pet-friendly options.
  • Carpet is available at several different price points.

Our flooring experts at Simple Flooring Solutions are ready to help you find the perfect carpet for you.


Need carpet inspiration?

View our inspiration gallery! See the latest trends, styles, and more before browsing our large selection of carpet from top brands. 



Carpet is a fairly low-maintenance flooring option, but it is important to establish a care routine. Follow our carpet care and maintenance guide to keep your carpet looking beautiful for years to come.



The installation of carpet flooring should be left to the professionals. Our team of experts will make sure your carpet looks perfect from day one. Learn more about the installation process.