The hardwood installation process

The installation of hardwood should be left to the professionals. Our team of experts at Simple Flooring Solutions in Jackson, MI have years of experience in hardwood installation and will make sure your flooring looks perfect from day one. Our team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about installation.

Before & during hardwood installation

When it comes to a successful and efficient hardwood installation, preparation is essential. You'll need to first remove all furniture from the room and empty any closets. You'll then need to address your old flooring. Contact us for more information on flooring removal and disposal. Once the room is ready, we'll make sure your subfloor is flat and smooth.

A member of your household who is at least 18 or older should be available to greet the installation crew and show them to the work area. For everyone's safety, keep children and pets away from the work area until the job is done. Feel free to ask your lead installer any questions you might have about the finished product.

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After hardwood installation

After your hardwood has been installed, you should stay off of it for several hours to allow it to settle. You may need to run a fan to remove any smells associated with the installation. After that, you are ready to enjoy your new hardwood flooring!